Certification & Selection of J2HBiotech

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ISO 9001 Quality management system certification

2020-04-03 / ISO

Inno-Biz Technology innovation small and medium enterprise certification

2020-03-18 / Small and Medium Venture Business Department

Selected as a preliminary unicorn company

2019-12-11 / Small and Medium Venture Business Department, Kibo

Gyeonggi Promising Small and Medium Business Confirmation

2020-12-30 / Gyeonggi-do

Designated as an excellent company research institute

2020-06-30 / Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication

Certification of Excellent Job Companies

2020-06-23 / Gyeonggi-do

Venture company confirmation

2019-03-03 / Korea Venture Capital Association

Company affiliated research institute certification

2018-09-12 / Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association