NOTICE of J2HBiotech


Selected as a preliminary unicorn company for the first time as a bio venture company

No : 1    |    Date : 2020-03-11

Our company, the 5th anniversary of the foundation, has been selected as a preliminary unicorn company promoted by the Small and Medium Venture Business Department. This is the first bio-venture company.

Accordingly, in the future, we will take a step closer to becoming a leading bio-venture unicorn company in Korea. 

Unicorn company refers to a privately held company with an enterprise value of more than 1 trillion won.

As a preliminary unicorn company, the small and medium-sized venture company selected companies that are considered to have the potential to grow into unicorn companies in all industries.


The preliminary warranty support for the preliminary unicorn company is a follow-up to the 'second venture boom expansion strategy' announced by the government earlier this year. Among the companies that meet the three requirements of 'market verification, growth potential, and innovation', the final candidate is selected through three rigorous screenings such as technology evaluation and face-to-face presentation.